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for halloween. halloween.the price taa on the bii bird costumess.. that are flying off store shelves. bthh- sacrificing [ female announcer ] there are lots of different ways to say get well to your loved ones. ♪ this came for you, mommy. [ female announcer ] but it takes the touch of kleenex® brand, america's softest tissue, to turn a gesture into a complete gift of care. [ barks ] send your own free kleenex® care pack... full of soothing essentials at kleenex®. america's softest tissue.
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at are the worst.. ann what's ces priving he iicreass.tonight on fox45 news at five..
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3 3& if you ell asseep... the orioles won very earll thhs morning... beating the yankees in 13 innings and forring game 5 tonight. tonight.we spoke with the players in the locker room after the game... aad they aae definiteey feeling the pressure. pressure.:29:50 we wanna have fun but it is intense .... &pputting extra pressure on ours ourselvee 2-2... ies is nowwtied at - and tonight it'll be a showdown in new york to decide who moves n. &pon.megan illiland is live
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from jimmy's in fells point with fan reaction this morning. good morninn guys,heedlines like this... on the new york times this morning... that read...."yankees swing and &pmiss at clincher forccng game 5... make it a little easier po wake up this morning. morning. the orioles took a 1-nothhng
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lead on ate mclouth's home rrn in the fifth inning.tte yankees tied it when jeter scored in tte sixth.and despite a number of chances... especially by the yankees... game 4 remainee tied until... the 13th inning.the o's scored the winning run on j-j hardy's double... off rookie david phelps... finnl score 2--.this ties the series 2-2 and sends fans have beennwaiting for... for 15 yyarr. baby2:12::2 h my gosh this is so sweet ave 5 weegonna go in going to be playing nnxt week happen the orioles and yankees ave far thii seasonn.--3shes soo - last nightt uck
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a man is in critical condition and chest in north bbltimore. - thhrssay afternoonnoo north charles street nearrwest 24th street.police say a maa wearing a baseball hat and a green shirt approached the victim from behind ann opened fire.homicidd detectives arr investigating. a judge rrduces the sentence of a man onvicted of &pshooting two ppople in a mall food court in an annapplis mall, six years ago. sentenced to 65 ears in prison for the 2006 shooting, &pbut a judge reduces it by 20 years...after hearing about
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inmate has attended college courses, workkd in thee kitchee... and avoided gangs while in prison. 3 in this orning'' waste watch... the offiiiaa statt pudit of baltimore schools is o. oot.the 85-page report addresses what state auditors call... an inadequate oversighh of baltimore school system could improve policiis to be more costteffective. the audit uncovvrs about 30 pxamples of "questionable" practices.among overtime paymentss.. with more than -million dollars paid without veeifying that all those employees worked the extra hours.mayor stephanie rawlings blake calls the report unacceptable... and is asking schools c-e-o, dr. andres alonso, to restoree confiendence inn he system. tremendous amount of ppogress a &punder dr. alonso. hat being said, i'm sure that e wantt to rectify this just liie i findingssand i expecdt that -3
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hee'l be making corrective action as well as the school bo" board.. &pdr. allnso released a statement thursdayy.. thht reads in part - "we view these aadits as n opportunity to reflect inteenally on how we can improve.." debt collectors are breathing a judge dismissed their cases following a settlement in the ccass-action suit against wwrllwide asset urchasing.tte lawsuit claimed that the "debt buying" company was never registered... and that it tried to collect the wrong amounn of monee from any the hourr are ccuntinn ddwn baltimore runnnng festival. has rown to nearry 30 thousand runners and and 30 impacttfor the city. city. joel d. smith is livee
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near the finish line with some of the reasons whyyso many consider this racc so special. special. 3
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3 maybe this wwll hhlp.hat to be help. in califfrnia... big bird costumes aar lying off shelves.and it's all thanns to mitt romney's comment... about cutting funding to p-b-s.a california says everrsince romney mentioned the sesame streettchhracttr in theefirst debate... rdees have been &pflying in. the retail price pange for the costumes is beeween 40 and 100 dollars...
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&pput store oonerrsexpect price next ttme you call out sick for work... you might want tt re-thinkkyour eecuse."carrer builder" is ouu with a list of the most creative xcuses peeple give... to explain their absence forrwork. havingga nervous brrakdown"... faucet"... and i'm having my dead grandmother dug up forra police investtgation."if hhoky anytime ooo... you may want to think twice.almost thhy check uu on heir say them orrrequiiing a doctors' g - note. 3
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coming up on the early away... out of control. ccntrol.the laage number of phone... nd the political cutting costs difficult. 3 bth - sacrificing truthit's long been practiced that on foreign policy. in return, - we expect the president tt act in our natton'' best interestt ann tt tell us the unvarnished truth.but now we learn president obama has faileddto keep his part of the bargain.evidence has eeerged werr shortchanged. foor american lives wereeliterally sacriiiccd. and we were ied to. when obama ran for the
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that mussim hostility ttwarr the u.s. would end when he became president. "i truly belieee that theeday i am iiauguuated that not onny itself differeetly but hh world looks at america differentll." nnw hampshire public radio - november 21, 2007. his ill-conceived muslim worldd avoid senniig more detainees to gitmo he takes a different approach. he orders suspected terrorists kklled in drone &pstrikes. he perssnally approoes the target continue the farce that his policies arr llved abboaa to ppovide necessaay security to a diplomatic outpost in libya. witt tragic results. obbma placed bbame on an shoddy youtube video.but we this story visittbehind the n - headlinee dot net. anddfollow mark hyman.and facebookk i'm - ((break 1))
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((bump ii)) &p((ad lib meteorologist)) -3 3
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((traffic reporter ad libs)) map 395 map 43 map liberty
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3 3 3 p, &pa game 5 with the yankees.ce - yankees.we've got highlights new york.ight's thriller in ((break 2)) 3
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we've told you bout &ptheeexplosive growth of one &pfederal give-away that sooe say hhs gotten out of control. now, there's new information abouu how mann people were taking advantage of this federal freebie twice. twicee 3&it's a governmenttprogram pai ffr by you that we discoveree was out of control 1:10:46"i
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have about six in myypurse right now"free cell phooes for people on government assistance funded by a charge the pones... o easy too get.....thii women ad dozens. thessephonessworr, and i know i have aaout 30 at hooeeand all offthem are on" freebies courtesy of a federal program callee lifeeineaoriginally intendedd to insure everyone has access ii's become an etitlement. 1:12;30q; how long did it take you to get these phooesa 'five &pminutes to get ttis onn, and waaked out justtnow."part of the prrblem, a onn phhne per person limitt:16:29qq"can people get multiple cell ppones?"a; "no"has not een strictly enforced 1:12;36"i tomorrow and get another phone pncreased the cost of the since 2008 spending on the proggam administerrd by the fcc has nearly doubled.5:21:21 "it's just a glariig example gone wrong""ounting costs
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which proopped akansas connressman tim griifith to introduce legislation to stop it. 05:22239"my ffur year-old daughter got a solicitican in her back-pack at public school. she came home with it and i jjst about blew my top." the fcc found almost 8000000 people received ore than one phone. the commission says t cuthose recipients from the program saving two hundrrd million dollars of the 1- pionn-6 billion doolar budget. 5::2:52"do e eed to be giving ouu cell phones, is that the role of the federal government.?" it seems a grrwing number offpeople do belleve it is he role of is from ohio.. it went viral e - afttr a woman praases what she of youttbe)) :02 ii "you got an obamaphone? .....disability" truly gettiig a hold oo spending could be difficult. there's a lot of money to be made. tracfone.... makks phones foo
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the llfeline program.... and gets 10-dollars for every unit 2011... there werr 3-point-8 millionntracfones in merican hands. carloo slim... owns a controlliig interest inn the company... and it's c-e-o is frederick pollack. they're both op donors to the lifeline program nds) - started well before the obama administration. but t shows no signs of slowinggddwn. p a tent set-up on maryland venue n nnrth bblttmore had plentll of lexington maakkta&still ear - just around the cooner .- we found phones beingghanded out from the trunk of thii car. when weeasked questioos, the owner closed upp shop(use nat sounds)and so it appears even as criticism heats up n washington00:31:57 is intended to do" when it 10:53:45>"you ccn can gg to business is the cominggup in our 6 o'clock
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hour... the orioles come ttrough... in must-win ituaan situaaion.the extra innings game 5 against the yynkees. ((break 3)) barnhill: you hear a lot of talk about question seven...
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so let me tell you what i know: if question seven passes, my company's going to... bring table games, like blackjack and poker... right here to baltimore. a twenty-five million dollar investment... that'll create five hundred new jobs. all right here. today, marylanders are spending $500 million gaming... in other states. let's keep it here. i'm chad barnhill, and we're ready to build right here. we're ready, and it's real. and all that has to happen...
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is question seven. &p
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,3 coming up in our 6 o'clock hourr.. more meningitis casee conf
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